Street Facing Townhouse

Home Control was tasked with the integration of a smart home system for a medium sized home. After discussion with the owner, we installed a street facing doorbell, security cameras in the front and rear, complete smart lighting and an automate curtain rail. Contact sensors were installed onĀ all the external doors as well as the garage door.

The system was set integrate with an voice assistant to arm when all the occupants leave the house, to record and alert the owner of any unexpected motion and to run a “mocupancy” scenario when the occupants are away for an expended period.

Office Block Security System

Due to the constant after hours activity around their office, we were tasked with installing a smart security camera system. We installed cameras that has 2-way radio, sound and motion detection. The system was set up to record and send the nominated person alerts whenever unexpected motion or sound was detected. The infrared and night vision cameras could be accessed from any smart device for live viewing or recording.

Equipment Supplier

We supply complete smart home packages for any size home. All the equipment we supply passed our field testing and are guaranteed to integrate seamlessly with the controller.

We supply any size home and level of automation.